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Rosemarie Chastain Clark - Online Memorial Website

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Rosemarie Chastain Clark
Born in Indiana
58 years
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If Roses grow in Heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for us, Place them in our Mother's arms And tell her they're from us. Tell her we love her and miss her, And when she turns to smile, Place a kiss upon her cheek And hold her for awhile. Because remembering her is easy, we do it every day, But there's an ache within our hearts Because we are missing her today. Unknown

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Rosemarie Chastain Clark who was born in Indiana Indianapolis on July 24, 1948 and passed away on February 25, 2007. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.
 Rosemarie was the third Child  born to Mable (Nelson) and Tilfer Chastain  .    

As a child Rosemarie couldn't wait to grow up

. She always dreamed of having a Family of her own.

When she was just 15 she met our Dad through her brother Roger ,

Roger had asked mom if she would like to go with him and Dad   

 Mom was surprised that Roger invited her and said yes .

  Her Brother Roger opened the car door and when Mom got in the car, her brother told her to scoot over, So Mom expecting Roger to get in scooted over close to Dad and Roger shut the door and got in the back .

Mom was so shocked that Roger did that to her , But didnt scoot back over right away because she just didn't know what to do.

After that she began dateing our Dad,  They got Married on May 15, 1965

 One year later they had their first of 4 Daughters. 

She loved being a Mom and Always put her girls before herself.  Family was the most important thing to Mom she LOVED her Husband and Children with all that she ever had Giving everything to her Family.

  In 1986 Her First Grandchild was Born . Mom and Dad opened their home to her and raised her as their own. Giving them a total of 5 Daughters .

   Mom didn't have a Job Outside of the home , Her Family was her job and she loved it.

 Mom and Dad raised all 5 daughters and after the youngest one left home ,

Mom became very Ill she had been diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease .

  Not able to care for herself  , she still put everyone else first she would still call her Daughters daily and spend time with her family any way she could. always trying to bring her daughters closer together.

     On February the 25th with her Husband of 42 years and her Daughters by her side  the Angles took Mom away to Meet Our Almighty God .

She didn't  go alone for Part of us went with her the day God called her home .




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